MyPi Home Control

The Raspberry Pi is truly an amazing device. This project is proof of that. With some time and a little effort I turned your typical Raspberry Pi, combined with some cheap components and IP Cameras, into a state-of-the-art (ok, that’s pushing it a little) home monitoring system capable of recording video, turning power outlets on or off and sensing movement.

I hacked the project together with some rudimentary PHP, Python, and bash scripting code. It works on any device via a web browser and also scales properly on a mobile device.

Components Used

Key Features

  • Displays live feed and records to a local or network disk from two IP Cameras
  • Controls RF wireless power outlets/sockets
  • Controls Orvibo S20 WiFi power outlets/sockets
  • Able to sense motion and trigger sending of emails (or SMS), snapshots and recording
  • Can all be scheduled via a simple UNIX cron-like interface
  • Display temperature/humidity

Please see this blog post that details this project!