Living with Long Covid 4

How It All Began This is how it all began. A somewhat pivotal point in my life that will undoubtedly forever alter things. So after many years of not posting anything on my tech blog, I’ve decided to share my story here in the hopes that it could raise some […]

Pine64 Logo

Review: Rock64 Single-board Computer 1

Although the Raspberry Pi may have started the SBC (Single-Board Computer) revolution, it is certainly not alone in this space vying for the would-be tinkerer & small project hobbyist’s hard earned dollars. For all its wonders, the Raspberry Pi really lacks one thing: Speed. Enter another competitor into the ring; […]

WD PiDrive Compute Centre Box

Review: WD PiDrive Compute Centre

WDLabs (Western Digital’s internal team of innovators for emerging markets) has been hard at work these days, bringing more unique product innovations to the ever growing Raspberry Pi community. This time WDLabs has combined its series of PiDrive devices in an all-in-one, turn-key computing solution called the WD PiDrive Compute […]